A home like no other

Built like a high-end car

MVIVO homes are built in a revolutionary way. Just like a car, all components are modulated in an intelligent 3D model-based process called BIM. It gives our in-house architects, engineers and construction supervisors the insight and tools to efficiently design, produce and build your home. 


Value for money

The biggest investment in your life, your home, is often a nightmare to make due to unexpected price increases and extra invoices which has absurdly become an industry norm. We rebel against this trend. MVIVO homes are sold with a fixed price before we even start building your home. 


Engineered to perfection

An MVIVO home is like nothing else. No, we haven’t invented the wheel, but we do have introduced European building technology in Sri Lanka. Components and materials are certified and the construction method is proven and established worldwide. Every element is based on rigorous building regulations and conform to European standards, called Eurocodes. 


Made for you and generations to come 

MVIVO ensures that getting your dream home, is not going to be difficult. Start with a site inspection and get your personalised design. There are multiple options to upgrade our standard fittings. Start small and add a story later? Yes, we can. The house will grow with you, it is easily expandable. 


Maintenance is minimized

While maintenance is minimized over the years, the value of your property has the potential to double over the next decade. MVIVO homes are extremely durable. We build homes for the 21st century and beyond. Your home is future proof: green, smart, comfortable and energy efficient. 


Fast and easy

MVIVO offers a turnkey package, including planning permission approval and building management control by our in-house engineers. We take over from the beginning so you are not burdened. That’s what we call a worry-free process, so you can move in furniture 6 months after ordering. 

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