Q: What does the name MVIVO mean?

A: MVIVO could mean “many good things in what/where you live in, that is within you and expressed in your home/living”. That’s why the Home is an extension of yourself.

Q: Where does MVIVO come from?

A: Well, our technological and cultural roots spring from Europe.

Q: Prefabrication. Where was it actually invented?

A: Earliest record of prefabrication recorded was in Sri Lanka, during the times of the kingdoms of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

But prefabrication was further developed over 3000 years in Europe and contemporary prefab construction is more popular in Europe, Russia, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

Q: I'm all for innovation. But how does this affect me?

A: Innovation has always improved our way of living, specially over the last 100 years.  Innovation enables us to find simple solutions to complex problems. Now we can physically experience the innovations in modular living.

Q: How green is an MVIVO house?

A: MVIVO homes are made to EUROCODES. It is a standard devised by the European Commission to standardize the quality, safety and performance of construction projects.

Q: Building a house is tiring. So what do you mean its ‘hassle free’?

A: You can get your home ready for occupation in minimum three visits. You need to only provide the land and finalize the design. We will take care of the rest there on. This includes approvals, planning, fabrication, assembling and finishing. But you are most welcome to come see how it’s done.

Q: I want MVIVO to build my house. Where do I start?

A: You can initiate the process by doing a reservation. You can lock the order with a LKR 150k payment and we will take it forward for you.

Q: I want to build my house. But I don't know where to start with the design. Can MVIVO help me?

A: Yes. We can. We will engage with you for the site visit and in the design phase. After the inspection, we will recommend a design for you. We can fine tune this together until you are satisfied. 

Q: I want to start smaller with a one-story house. Can I add another story later on?

A: Yes. The house will grow with you. Just let us know how.

Q: What's the life span of my MVIVO house?

A: Almost a lifetime… We give 20 years warranty for the home. 

Q: How about fire resistance?

A: Yes. MVIVO Homes are very resistant to fire as it is made with either fire retardant, fire resistant or fire proof materials.