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Let's Talk about the Home of Your Dreams

There is nothing like seeing a MVIVO home in real life and talking to one of our designers in person. Our Model Home features all options.

We are centrally located in Colombo and welcome walk-in visits. Do you want to bring your family and visit us outside our regular opening hours? Sure, let's meet.


Made to Eurocodes

Each house we build complies with the stringent European Standards of construction. They encompass the requirements for mechanical strength and stability, general safety and fire regulations, as well as construction and engineering contract specifications and harmonized technical specifications for building products. So, breathe easy. We have taken care of the quality of your home. 


Personalize your design 

Have you got a vision of something truly custom, or a plot of land better suited for a different shape of building? Great. One of our in-house superstar architects and engineers will sit together with you and guide you through the process. 

20 Year Warranty 

With an MVIVO house you can be sure that structural defects are extremely rare as a result of controlled production and assembly. Owing an MVIVO house is living somewhere that is safe and secure, for you, and generations to come. A house that maintains its value and is low on unkeep. So, you can focus on what’s really important: living. 

Fixed price now, later forever

That’s right. Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. On the other hand, the process of building doesn’t reflect on the importance of the investment. Far too often there is a lack of transparency in the actual costing. Prices may fluctuate in the traditional way of building houses, but not with us. When you select a design at our Design Studio, we fix a price and it stands. 

A Global Network of Architects

That’s something you would usually not have access to, but with us you do. Through our Design Studio, you can collaborate with them to create your home, that’s architecturally designed, elegant and the epitome of contemporary living.

Completely Hassle-free

Now that's something you always want to hear, whatever your profession. We take care of all the details from the design stage to the construction stage. You can continue with your life while we build your home for you.


Always room for change

When your circumstances change, your living spaces should change as well. The core of our homes is designed in a special way to accommodate any future adjustments.  So as much as your lifestyle changes, we can change your home to suit it.

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